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Satna Tourism

Satna city and its adjoining towns are home to many scared temples, which bring out deep devotional experience and evoke religious fervor among devotees and tourists alike. Besides, not very far away from Satna city is a small town of Bharhut, which has collection of rich Buddhist cultural heritage. More about this historical city and brief information about some of the famous temples of Satna have been provided below. Besides, information about best hotels and best way to travel to Satna city has also been provided. And there is much more information what all you can expect as a tourist in Satna city.

Important Helpline No’s
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Office
Hotel Booking Tel.: +91-755-2778383,
Transport Booking Tel.: +91-755-2775572,
Fax: +91-755-2779476/2774289,
Bus Booking Enquiries: +91-755-3295040 (Bhopal), +91-731-2499366 (Indore), +91-755-2429829.

Superintendent of police: 07532-222125
District collector and Magistrate: 0762 222911, 222920

Tourist Places In and Around Satna

As we’d mentioned in introductory paragraph that at heart of Satna’s tourism experience lies scores of scared temples and few places of imminent historical importance. You’ll get detailed information about each of these destinations in below paragraphs. As you go through these below paragraphs you won’t help but feel that each of Satna’s sacred destinations is deeply steeped in mystical aura, which is why any religiously inclined tourist will be drawn to these places forever.

Chitrakoot Dham

Satna Tourism
Ram Ghat Hanuman

Chitrakoot is a small town that is located just 60 kms away from Satna city. Being home to many scared temples and religious destinations, it is one of the immensely scared towns of Satna District. The sacredness of this town, however, goes much, much beyond its hordes of temples. Because this town happens to be one of those auspicious towns where Lord Ram and his wife Sita and his brother Laxman is believed to have spent the entire 11th year of their years of exile. If we’ve to sum up the importance of Chitrakoot town in few words, then all we’ve to say is that Chitrakoot town is proudly an integral part of India’s rich religious heritage. Therefore if anytime in future you happen to be staying in and around Satna city, you ought to pay visit to this immensely sacred town of Madhya Pradesh.

Sharda Devi Temple at Maihar town

Maa Sharda Devi Temple in Maihar town, located approximately 60 kms away from Satna city, is one of the most famous temples of Satna District. Locals of Maihar town consider Sharda Devi to be incarnation of Goddesses Durga – Goddesses of learning. But real U.S.P of this temple is its unique location. It is located on the top of a hill top, some 600 ft from ground level. To reach to the hill top, devotees have to climb staggering 1001 staircases, completely testing spiritual strength of devotees.Actually we did not tell you more about why this temple should be in your must visit tourist destinations. Its unique location on the hill top and immense religious fervor it invokes is sufficient to draw any religiously inclined tourist.

Lord Shiva Temple in Birsinghpur

Birsinghpur is a small village, located just 0.5 kms away from Satna city. This small village is renowned for old Shiva temple, which actually is one of the oldest temples of Satna District. Since time immemorial this temple has been religious and devotional focal point of Satna region, which is why this temple should be in your must visit destinations. The best time to visit this temple is, however, on Mahashivratri festival, when thousands of devotees from across Satna throng this temple to seek the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Griddhraj Parvat

This religious or scared hill is located in a small town of Ramnagar, located in deep interiors of Satna District. This seemingly unassuming hill finds mention in scared scriptures of Ramayana. Besides, great poet Kalidas had mention and described this hill as immense holy and divine in his book Griddharaj Mahatmya. This religious hill though is not very highly visited by tourists. This is because of its remote location and sheer lack of facilities here. This place is strictly for those who are seeking for unique and unlikely religious experience.

Buddhist Sculpture in Bharhut

Tourism in SatnaBharhut town located in the deep interiors of Satna district happens to be home to some of the oldest Buddhist sculptures and relics. These priceless sculptures and relics were discovered in year 1873 by renowned British archeologist Alexander Cunningham. This discovery propelled small town of Bharhut on the map of Indian tourism, which till 1870’s was an unknown town to much of India. Coming backing to sculptures and relics of Bharhut, it is important to bring to light that many of these sculptures and relics may have been constructed during King Ashoka’s regime – who obviously is considered as one of the greatest Indian kings of all time. If this reason is not enough to convince you to visit this place, then we can’t help to share with you that some of the most reputed museums of our country have sourced Buddhist sculptures and relics from this very town.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Satna

Today Satna may be one of the fastest emerging cities of Madhya Pradesh, but even today it is far from being a cosmopolitan modern city. This is to say that Satna city does not offer any modern entertainment amenities like discos, night clubs or café shops. What it does, however, offer is few cinema halls, quite a few very good multi cuisine restaurants and hordes of beer/restaurant bars. Besides, a state-of-the art shopping mall – Covent Court Mall - is been constructed at the outskirt of Satna city. When completed it will be amongst biggest shopping malls of Madhya Pradesh State. But more importantly, it will give this city much needed entertainment
and lifestyle quotient.

Where to Stay in Satna ?

Tourists and visitors never have to face any accommodation problem in Satna. This is obviously because this city has absolutely no dearth of good hotels and lodging services. Today there are hordes of hotels operating at critically important commercial locations of the city. Among these innumerable hotels we’ve picked up the best and most reputed ones. These hotels are best because they offer uncompromising luxury experience to its visitors and guests.

Hotel Uma Club & Resort
Address: Karhi Road, Pathri, Satna Ho, Satna – 485001
Phone no: +(91)-7672-226586, +(91)-9424972873

Hotel Mahamaya
Address: 1st Floor, Martand Complex, Opposite Railway Station, Satna Ho, Satna – 485001
Phone no: +(91)-7672-239051, +(91)-9179918266

Hotel Savera
Address: Reewa Road, Satna,
Phone no: +91-7672-407777-405127-416316-225232

Hotel Safari
Address: Rewa Road, Semariya Chowk, Satna Ho, Satna – 485001
Phone no: +(91)-7672-223397, +(91)-9425811744

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How to Reach Satna ?

Railways in Satna
Satna Junction

Best way to reach Satna is surely via train. Satna Railway Junction is one of the important junctions of Madhya Pradesh and is directly connected to all the prominent cities of India. Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Howarh, Lucknow and many other important cities of India are directly connected to Satna station. In case if you’re planning to travel via flight, then you’ll take flight either for Jabalpur airport or Bhopal Airport. Comparatively Jabalpur airport is the closest airport to Satna city. Besides, there are far more travelling option from Jabalpur to Satna than Bhopal to Satna city. To give you an example, there are 62 trains from Jabalpur to Satna as compared to only 5 trains from Bhopal to Satna.

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Travel Tips

  • Dress modestly especially when visiting any of the scared temples of Satna. The advice is particularly for female tourists
  • Don’t take the risk of carrying too much cash. Satna has many ATM’s and banks, from where you can encash as and when you need it
  • Do carry your identity proof documents like Pan Card and Aadhaar Card. You’ll surely need them while booking accommodation in hotel
  • Satna is highly religious society. Therefore avoid making any inflammatory comments against any caste or religion
With its innumerable scared temples Satna city offers devotional and spiritual experience to its tourists. In fact Satna and religion are so inseparable that it literally bathes its tourists with religious fervor and passion. But Satna region is also deeply steeped in rich history, especially ancient Buddhist history. Some of the oldest Buddhist sculptures and relics found in one of the small towns of Satna District will take you closer to rich Buddhist heritage of our country.

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