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Transportation in Satna

Satna ought to have a very robust and efficient transportation services. After all, it is the commercial capital of Baghelkhand region and is also one of the fastest emerging cities of Madhya Pradesh. And its existing transport infrastructure and services does do full justice to its economic status. However, there does exist much room for improvement in key certain areas, especially in local transportation. Below you’ll find comprehensive and exhaustive information about Satna’s complete transportation system.

Railways in Satna

Satna Junction

Satna Railway Station, located just outside Satna city, is one of the important junctions of Madhya Pradesh state. Nearly 40 to 50 trains (including passenger as well as long distance trains) halt here on daily basis, connecting Satna to almost all the prominent cities of India and Madhya Pradesh. By the virtue of connectivity, Satna Railway Station is surely amongst the busiest stations of Madhya Pradesh state. Satna station, however, needs few more platforms to solve its congestion problem. Despite being one of the busiest stations, it only has three platforms, which obviously causes huge problem for incoming and outgoing commuters. Besides, lack of platform also causes late arrival and departure of trains. Irrespective of whether problem of platforms or infrastructure deficiencies are successfully addressesed or not, Satna station has and will always be an important lifeline for commuters of Satna city and for much of Satna District.

Satna Junction
Address: Satna, Satna District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Line(s): Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line
Allahabad-Jabalpur section
Station code: STA
Zone(s): West Central Railways
Division(s): Jabalpur

Airconnectivity to Satna

Satna city actually does have an airport, but it is a non-operational airport. As of today no flights are served from this airport. Therefore today for air flights people of Satna have to flock to Jabalpur Airport (also known as Dumna Airport) or Gwalior airport (also known as Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Airport). If you go by distance then Jabalpur airport is surely the nearest airport. But just in case if any Satna commuters want more options in airline companies and direct connecting flights, then Raja Bhoj airport located in capital city of Bhopal is the best option. It is by far the busiest and most reputed airport of Madhya Pradesh state. Therefore it is served by all the leading airlines and understandably offers direct flights to all the prominent cities. Irrespective of which airport Satna citizens choose to take their flight from, there are enough number of trains and buses to all these cities. Though trains available to Jabalpur city are most in numbers. There are nearly 62 trains from Satna to Jabalpur city.

Roadways in Satna

National Highway 75 passes through the heart of Satna city. This is 1,175 kilometres Highway that starts from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and ends at Parsora town in Odisha State. Between its passage from Gwalior and Parsora its passes through many prominent cities of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. So besides passing through Satna, it also passes through Datia, Jhansi, Chhatarpur, Panna, Satna, Rewa, Sidhi, Singrauli, Renukut, Shaktinagar, Garhwa, Daltonganj, Latehar, Chandwa, Ranchi, Khunti, Chakradharpur and Chaibasa.

Local Transportation in Satna

Last few decades of economic prosperity has brought in immense improvement in local transportation system. To put it in more simple and precise words, then economic prosperity has lead to drastic increase in number of auto rickshaws in the city. This is, however, not to say that Satna city has sufficient number of auto rickshaws, but today at least local commuters don’t have to wait patiently to get an auto rickshaw.Talking about bus service, then there is no local city bus service in Satna, but state run MPRTC (Madhya Pradesh Road Transport Corporation) buses are available at pretty good frequency from Satna. They ply to all the major cities of Madhya Pradesh.

From all the above information it can be claimed convincingly that Satna city has pretty robust transportation system in place. The city though surely needs operational airport, a dream that can very well become possible in coming decades. However, some desired improvements in railway services and local transportation system need not wait for decades. If local and state authorities have the willingness, then these much desired improvements can be brought forth in matter of few years.

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